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I’m very impressed with my SG cajon. Just from looking at it you can tell the quality is obviously high.

The sound is great. There’s big range of sounds from deep, booming bass tones to to wondefully tight high tones that crack like a snare drum. There’s a special charatcer to it that is only going to get richer with time. Easily tunable and very versitile.

I can’t wait to get this beautiful instrument out on tour!

Jack Carrack, Tinlin, Paul Carrack Band (2012)

Hi SG – that excellent cajon we bought from you at Saltburn Festival has been busy – most recently accompanying traditional English folk music at Thomas Hardy’s house “Max Gate” (National Trust) on their harvest festival day! Nice to see my little box on your website gallery! Best wishes,

Pete the Storyteller

“Lucky old me got cajon number 1 from SG Percussion, fantastic box of of big fun.   A real instrument, sounds awesome! Our band, the simply majestic Thatchers Bush use the cajon in rehearsal and recording, it just does the business.

Stupidly versatile little big box of sound, slip her into the car for festival and camping fun, acoustic jams and guess what, at festivals I got my own free beatbox seat. Worth every penny.. Go for it! Viva da BUSH!”

Vince Allan, Thatchers Bush

“What a fantastic instrument so much versatility in the sound, like a drum kit in a box! The great thing about the Cajon is anyone can have fun playing them from young children to professional musicians.

I would always recommend a cajon to anyone looking at any form of percussion instrument.”

Phil Cox, Midway Arcadia

“I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first of these amazing little instruments from SG Percussion. These cajon’s are great quality and sound fantastic either acoustic or mic’d up through a PA.

I regularly use mine for rehearsals, open mic jams, studio sessions and live shows either on it’s own as a versatile easy to carry little drum box or as part of a bigger percussion setup. Whether you’re a professional musician or have no musical background and just want to have some fun – SG Percussion’s Cajon’s are great for all ages and abilities.”

Robin Love – Pro Drummer/Percussionist


Those Bongo’s sound great mate!! Cheers

Chris Davison, Sound Engineer(Forum)

Tried these out again today and they have a really fantastic sound to them, and for a nice price, REALLY well built to! And from a cracking bloke 🙂 you can’t complain! Respect! Richie

Richard Sharp, Pro Drummer 


Just thought I’d send a quick message to say how pleased I am with my cajon. I bought it from Ron’s Music to use my band, The Fuzz, to play an acoustic gig and the whole band really loved the sound of it! I got quite a few people asking what I was playing as they were amazed by it. We now pretty much use it instead of an actual drum kit! It has a great sound when recording too, I’ve attached a link to a YouTube video we did with the cajon and it came out really well. So thank you so much for making these cajons they really are awesome and I’m so pleased I got one!

Thanks again,

Thomas Bowman, Drummer, The Fuzz

Thanks for my Cajon – I’m loving it! Can’t wait to start playing along with a guitarist 🙂

Gaz Rowntree, Singer, Songwriter

love my new toy best thing ive.ever bought simple…… getting the friday night of to a cracking start

 Jonathan Jonnyfive Hogarth


Cracking job sorting out my (Stagg) Cajon and making it sound great.

Justin Howe


“We had Spence come into our Youth Group with the drums and do Square the Circle, it was great fun. we all absolutely loved it. Thanks :)”

Benny Hancock


Just wanted to say our son was over the moon when he opened his cajon drum box.

Thanks from the Gelder family.

It’s 2013, and therefore the beginning of the new year where we have thus far defied the end of the world as predicted. This is a time full of so much promise and the usual difficulties associated with adhering to out-of-comfort-zone New Years resolutions. However, Tinlin would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote a most excellent range of products which we believe offers a solution to this quandary.

You must visit  SG Percussion, where you will have access to the finest custom designed, hand built percussion equipment specialising in cajons and matching style bongos/congas made to order to your own specification.

The reason we would like to enlighten you to this product range is that Tinlin percussionist Jack Carrack now chooses to play only SG percussion equipment over all other brands he has tried. To understand why, come hear it played in concert, need we say more?!

The beauty of these instruments first and foremost, they sound amazing, and like all quality instruments, sound better and better, coming alive the more they are played.

They are also beautifully made instruments which look fantastic, and are all one offs, hand built by the founder of the company.

How then are these instruments so ridiculously affordable?! We have no idea, but for what you get they really are such a bargain and yet fully professional. Whether you are a session player, or a bedroom tapper who disgracefully combines its use as a makeshift table or hop up, you get the same quality product! Don’t buy something rubbish to start playing with when you can play the best straight away. Hence, the joy of playing something this good will be effortless to maintain.

Happy banging! 🙂


Benjamin Sherwood reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

6 September

Absolutely brilliant craftsmanship. Just checked my emails to see I bought mine over five years ago now and it’s still as strong as ever.

Kelvin Brownsword reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

10 May

Love my drum. Great price, amazing quality.. just need to learn to drum now ☆☆☆☆☆

Dan Akers reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

14 May 2016

Bought my first Cajon from Spence two months ago and I’m a very happy chap! It was built to fit my requirements and it sounds fantastic. Spence was a pleasure to do business with, and I urge anyone in the market for a Cajon to go with SG – You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again!  

 Richard Platts reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

bought my first cajon on Saturday, Spence is a cracking down to earth bloke and a pleasure to talk to…… maybe have a jam with you at a show next year when I have practiced a bit Spence!  

Jonathan Jarratt reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

6 July 2014

Met Spence at Camperjam 2014. What a top guy and a clearly very talented drummer. Bought my Cajon and can’t put it away! The sound is unbelievable. Best purchase of 2014. Buy one you will not be disappointed!

Kyle Bartley reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

17 May 2014

A review?
Up until now I was a cajon virgin, strictly a full kit man! But when you see something made with as much attention to detail, passion and skill! Well needless to say I’m absolutely chuffed to bits to have lost my cajon ‘v’ plates! Thanks so much!

 Laura Elizabeth reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

15 May 2014

A massive thank you for making and personalising the cajon for us, great quality was done is perfect time after ordering, was the perfect present and they love it! 

Simon Benton reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

Great guy! Fantastic product. Does exactly as it says on the box! Thump it, hit it, tap it! brilliant!

Horatio Pugwash reviewed SG Percussion – 4 star
Beto Reynoso reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
 Richard Vipervinyls reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Nigel Dobson reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Alan Warden reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Elizabeth Crooks reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Gill Jones reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

24 December 2013

Sonia E Kane reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Paul Heather reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Jack Hinchliffe reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star
Brandon Keith Smith reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star

1 September 2013

Paul Lowthian reviewed SG Percussion – 5 star