Other Wonderful SG Endorsers

Chris Hansen

American born, Chris (or “Bon”), is a highly talented percussionist and kit player who now resides in the UK. Having met Spence at a festival a couple of years ago. Chris plays an SG Bass Cajon, Mini Cajon and  Bongo with various outfits. His energy and encouragement are a valuable asset to us, even to the point of helping Spence develop our Mini Cajon.

Chris Hansen

Drums / Percussion

Playing for 30+ years

First 30 years of my life lived in San Diego California USA

Past 19 years living in Norfolk UK


Current Bands

The Foolish for 12 years




Odd Man Out for 4 years



My Cajon sounds absolutely fantastic no matter where it is played – large stages, studios, rehearsal spaces, at home or camping.  I was lucky enough to come across these and meet Spence, the main man of SG Percussion, at a VW festival.  After getting a chance to play one and hang out with Spence a few times – and learning what a genuine person he is along with his passion about the products he makes by hand – I had to have one #600.  Oh yes after that I had to have the BONGOs, Table Top Cajon and Mini Cajon as well!  These are suitable for any level of ability for beginner to novice to pro.  I highly recommend them.  And I feel its better to buy from a private homemade man that cares about his products than a massive business taking your money to another country. Thanks Spence!   – Chris