Micky Kerrigan

Micky is a stalwart of the, North of England rock and metal, music scene and Spence has known and respected his kit playing for 20 years or so.  When Micky got in touch wanting a Cajon we were, of course, happy to oblige, and look forward to hearing Micky develop his stunning rhythmic ability into hand percussion with String Edition.


Michael played drums with The Force (who have two albums), new wave of British heavy metal legends Blitzkrieg (who influenced Metallica) .  He played on the Blitzkrieg, Back from Hell album, and subsequent world tours . He has ran his own Rush tribute, Whey Aye Zed, that played at the Rush European convention.  

Michael played with UK’s best Iron Maiden tribute, Maiden England, and is a session player with a blues hall of fame singer in New York, Sweet Suzi.  

In the UK, Michael plays in and manages the Deep Purple tribute, Deep Purple in Rock, and the Rainbow tribute, Silvermountain.  

Michael is a session player, and regularly plays with great musicians world wide. But all that said, loves playing low key gigs in the North East of England.  He currently uses Cajon in, String Edition, which is a 3 piece acoustic band. Comprising of a classical violin player and lecturer, and a classical Spanish guitar player.

Michael also teaches and has been invited to do clinics, and has done, in front of 200 people at Rush fest Scotland including the famous rock radio presenter Tom Russel.