Custom Bass Cajon Paint Spatter


A stunning fluorescent paint spatter Bass Cajon built up with 9 coats of paint on the front. 1 coat of shellac, 2 coats of black, 4 colour paint spatter, 2 coats of varnish. A rare and totally individual Cajon.

On one side, a flamenco style cajon , with fully adjustable front plate and guitar string snare.

Bright, sharp snare sound and booming bass tone (due to back plate being resonated).

On the back (once you spin the drum around), an un-snared Peruvian style Cajon with djembe, bongo and bodhran voices.

So you have, Western, Latin, African and Celtic sounds, all in one drum.

Dimensions ;- 500mm x 290mm x 298mm

Designed and built to order from scratch, in-house, by Spence.

Drum body is Black.

Bass Cajon Paint Splatter  £140.00 


Postage & Packaging £20.00 

(UK Mainland)

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